Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Fall 2010 Soundtrack

It's been an interesting fall so far. Actually that's not exactly the word for it - let's say it's been a difficult fall season so far. Either way, I'll talk about the silver lining and how I came to find it. I guess you could say that the silver lining is obvious and has to do with transition and change - all things pass, all things get better, and all you can do to keep yourself afloat is purge your life of the toxic and move forward with the beauty. Because it does exist, sometimes you just need some sleepless nights and a few walks around the block to see it.

Needless to say, I've been doing a lot of purging pretty recently of the non-post-meal kind. I'm afloat enough to see that new and wonderful things are on the horizon. And, if it doesn't kill you... it will most likely come quite close to it, but in the end, you'll probably still be alive. And I am! So let's toast to that.

Here are some of those soundtrack songs, those walking songs, that have kept my head above water so far this fall:

1. Changes - Stars: Not-so-coincidentally, a song that follows the theme of today. Off of Stars' latest release, Five Ghosts (which is really wonderful), this song is lead by one of my favourite female singers, Amy Millan, and her sweet, schoolgirl vocals. It takes you through an innocent, romantic journey of someone stuck in that ambivalent phase that comes right at the beginning of one big change. Puncuated by a playful piano and sweet-sounding violin, it's all about beingy caught off guard by transition - but giddy about what it holds. If anything though, the truth shines between the lines of this song - and that is that change is certainly tiring. Changes - Stars

2. Love Lost - The Temper Trap: LOVE this band. I was only recently turned onto them, and I really do love them. This group of pop-rock Aussies are extremely versatile in their sound - with their music being definable as theirs but unique in each track. This song is a great example of that - an atmospheric, soulful taste of rock that's lead effortlessly by singer Dougy Mandagi's rich and trained vocal range. The pitch and vibrado on his voice are like a smooth glass of wine, and the power he has over the grandiose instruments in this song is impressive. Play this song while you're in a downtown area - you'll see how the shoe fits. Who doesn't like a song that starts with a clap-beat.

3. Dancing in the Dark - Mat Kearney - An instant classic in my mind. Now, most who know me and my deep-rooted obsession with Mr. Springsteen (and his brood of E Street boys) are going to think I naturally love this song because it's a cover of the boss' 1984 up-tempo hit. This is partly true. In all honesty, nothing can ever top the original music video with Bruce bopping around stage on his heels in his tight leather pants and unbuttoned dress shirt. I probably should have been watching the Little Mermaid like all other respectable toddlers instead of wearing out my VHS version of Springsteen: The Complete Video Anthology at age four.  Mat's acoustic cover was the result of an iTunes Live Session that spun a number of other great Kearney slow-down's - but I think this clever cover takes the cake. The slow tempo and gentle guitar are accented with a little piano at the perfect moments throughout the song. His voice isn't overbearing, making for a complete breakdown of the 80s synth-version that is both beautiful and quiet. Probably my favourite aspect of this tune is that it allows for anyone who hasn't countlessly googled the lyrics (I figure that's only me...) to really hear the ingenious in Springsteen's words. Dancing in the Dark - Mat Kearney

 More to come!

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