Tuesday, October 19, 2010


British. Very good-looking. Talented. The recipe for something great, if you ask me! I'm loving Fyfe Dangerfield right now, and he's all of these things and more. Classic, clean-cut and confident, Dangerfield's solo album Fly Yellow Moon is a scrumptious collection of stylish, instrumentally diverse, mod-pop sounds. Formerly the lead singer of indie-rock band Guillemots, this unshaven, suited-up Brit is bound to make a splash as the next Robbie Williams or Rufus Wainwright solo sensation with his Beatles-esque melodies. His vocals are on-target and smooth, resembling those of Travis' lead singer Fran Healy or Damien Rice, and his lyrics are charming and relateable. Remember though, don't be fooled by his boyish charm - these love tunes pack a vim and vigour punch that will raise you from your seat.

Take the downtown disco beat in "She Needs Me": A full-bodied, toe-tapping tune with sassy lyrics, a pumping string arrangement and Billy Joel piano. When Dangerfield shrieks 'This is where I want to be,' you are where you want to be also, naturally.

For an optimistic love song, listen to" Barricades". This one pulls on the heartstrings, and Dangerfield seems to have cracked the code as to what every cynical twenty-something-year-old woman wants to have said to her. The song means...well, exactly what he is saying in it. It's about being made with someone, and his simplistic, sweet statements hit the nail on the head.  'When love is a crippled dream, when love is a crippled dream/ That's where you'll find me, saying I'm not afraid/ And when love is a barricade, when love is a barricade/ That's where I'll find you/ Saying we're already made/ I, I want to be near you all day.'

Give Fyfe a listen, he's pretty infectious.

Dangerfield...Fyfe Dangerfield.

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