Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Foster Child

The Kids Behind the Kicks

A band that I consider to be undeniably on the rise is one of Los Angeles’ best kept secrets, Foster the People. These up-and-coming hipsters have already made it onto NME’s list of Best New Bands in 2010, and I predict the real head-turning splash will happen in the new year. The best part about them? We’ve only had a taste – most fans know next to nothing about this mysterious indie closed-society. Still riding the wave of their only released song “Pumped Up Kicks”, these Peter Bjorn and John sound-a-likes need to get something else brewing, and soon.

The addictive “Pumped up Kicks” is a creative use of four minutes that invites listeners like new friends to ride their relaxed musical wave. A kick-drum beat and catchy bass line are the thread through this indie-cool ditty, providing the tempo for a good head-bob. The laid-back intercom vocals are both sexy and slack - creating the zoned-out sound that the idle youth latch on to nowadays. You’re guaranteed to keep listening after the first chorus, which features echoey 60s-remiscent harmonies and a happy-go-lucky Venice Beach vibe. A Peter Frampton talk-box effect paired with a clap-along make up the delightful hook of the song - how can anyone not like that? And just when you think the musical treats have ceased – they break it down and whistle the tune. Another P, B and J resemblance – and something that always makes me (a big fan of the whistle) happy with any track.

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