Sunday, October 24, 2010

I sense a flashback coming on...

This weekend, 15 high school best friends gathered in Ottawa for what was probably the first reunion we have all been able to attend in five years. It was two chaotic days of countless laughs, stories and beverages - all set to the soundtrack of some musical throwbacks that sent everyone into hysterics.

Most were, of course, the prophane and inappropriate hip-hop we listened to on the way to sporting events, parties, drives downtown and dances. It's nothing as painful as what's on the airwaves today, but the appreciation we had for Ludacris, Mase and G-Unit need not be mentioned any further than this. *Note: our Grade 12 dances were cancelled....enough said.

But, amidst the hilarity of party mixes and practically unreadable burnt CD's, I spent a lot of time reminiscing about the other songs that shaped our/my adolescence. Some that stood out were:

1. Jukebox Hero - Foreigner: This song had an effect on us. A party could be at full volume, but the playing of this song would send a hush over the crowd and put a sneaky smile on everyone's faces while we waited for the beat to build up.

2. You Only Live Once - The Strokes - This song walked me to school almost every day for my final year of high school. It always managed to make the sun come out.

3. I Miss You - The Rolling Stones (Dr.Dre remix) - Something we would have played while drinking cheap beer and strangely mixed drinks at the "table" - a magical place also used for dining and homework in most homes.

4. Speeding Cars - Imogen Heap - A heartwarming, coming-of-age song that brought us girls into plenty of group-hugs nearing the time of graduation.

5. Eyes - Rogue Wave - Still one of my favourite acoustic ballads to this day. I always wished it were just a few minutes longer. 'I can handle a lot, but one thing I miss is in your eyes.'

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