Friday, October 15, 2010

The Queen of Leon

KOL before the primping
I'm too infatuated with the new Kings of Leon release, Come Around Sundown, to put into words just yet. Wait until I fully ingest the album (I'd say by the end of the weekend should do it), and I will be in a psychotic writer's frenzy about their new tracks. Similar to my Springsteen obsession, my love for Kings puts me in a sort of music nirvana. I am NOT one of the Kings fans who discovered them when "Fans" and "Use Somebody" came out...I have had a loyal and unhealthy obsession since Youth and Young Manhood, and the days of them being drunken, dishevelled and unstyled rebels. Well, they're still drunken, but you get the point. In the mean time, I'm still in listening heaven - but will be ready to gush very, very soon.

Off Sundown, find a way to hear "The Face", "Mary" and "Back Down South" by Kings of Leon and you'll be as hooked as I am. It's a newer Kings sound with that nostalgic old twist.

Stay tuned!

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