Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Someday, Somehow...

I will be an art collector. Similar to having your own taste in music, appreciating and choosing visual art is another way of sculpting style and persona in yourself or your home. Unfortunately, my young adult life isn't exactly a lucrative one and I find myself with other expenses to worry about - causing me to not necessarily be in a place to afford any sort of non-canvas, non-print or non-"ripped from a magazine" decorations. But, that doesn't mean I can't peruse artists' websites online in the hope of someday actually being able to properly accent a home and maybe even call myself an art buyer. One artist who I really love and feel is a glimpse into "me" and what I find endearing in a piece of art is Debra Hurd.

I have a thing for big cities, metropolises, skylines, etc. - and Hurd seems to be all about the same sort of thing. I love the vibe, the colours, the anonymity, the music, the uniqueness, and (most of all) the stories that come with a downtown street. Hurd uses thick, bright colours to paint rainy streetscapes, neon-lit buildings, bustling traffic and romantic people in her art - and it's completely eye-catching. She used to be a jazz musician, which might be part of the appeal as well, and therefore also paints beautiful abstract profiles of jazz, funk and soul artists gone past. Her perception of these greats brings them to life again.

Here is probably my favourite piece of hers:

New York City by Debra Hurd

Some of the songs I would listen to while looking at this would be "I'm in the Mood For Love" by the great Louis Armstrong or "Body and Soul" by the silky-voiced Billie Holiday. Nothing like a little jazz on a rainy day.

For more on Debra, see her website.

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