Monday, November 22, 2010

In The Round With: Nana

I've decided to let someone else take the mic tonight! A recent run-in with my music and fashion-appreciating, down-to-earth, groovy soul man of a friend Nana made me think that it's important to incorporate some other opinions into the mix. Nana, a 24 year-old man of few words (good ones though) has aspirations to become a graphic novelist - and if all else fails, he plans on selling his soul to the devil for blues chops. Sounds like a plan to me!

He knows what he's talking about, trust me. Take it away Nana.

J: Nana bo-bana, describe yourself in 3 words (other than Nana, bo or bana)
N: Boisterous, boorish, bold.

J: Name your favourite childhood musical memory.
N: Listening to afro-beat and latin-jazz with my Pop. Runner-up goes to hearing Portishead for the first time through the walls, from my sister's room.

J: Favourite jazz artist(s) of all time?
N: Fela Kuti and Miles Davis, just can't pick one.

J: Favourite rock n' roll artist of all time?
N: Jimi Hendrix.

J: Favourite hip-hop artist?
N: Black Thought.

J: Guilty pleasure? Musical vice?
N: I have none, all music is relevant in some way.
J: Amen.

J: Musical artist you would have gotten along with?
N: Miles Davis, well I hope I would at least. And then I could chill with Coltrane too.

J: Name an album that never gets old.
N: Is This It? by The Strokes. Something about that record has always done it for me!

J: Name the album or songs you wish you hadn't overplayed.
N: Songs get overplayed for me....Right now I hate "Fuck You" by Cee-Lo Green and "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

J: What's your favourite thing to pair music with?
N: Cooking.

J: What's playing for you right now?
N: Terminal by Salome.

J: Who do you predict will break out?
N: Christian Mistress. Think of the child of Diamondhead and Manowar, with some modern sensibilities and break downs. And fronted by a woman with a voice that sounds like a belt sander.

J: Which musical artist will make their grand return?
N: Janet Jackson, her comeback is long overdue.

J: Do you have a favourite song of all time? I understand if you can't choose, I certainly can't.
N: It's too hard to answer this one, but "Weatherbox" by Mission of Burma has been stuck in my head for like a week.

J: Last and of course not least - is rock n' roll dead or here to stay?
N: It was never gone, and it never will be. It started off as fringe music and I don't really care if it goes back to the fringes, but it'll never die.

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