Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coachella, Campgrounds and Sleigh Bells, Oh My!

There are many things musical to be happy about these days! First, the Coachella line-up has surfaced - and let me tell you, if there's any way I can wrangle the funds for a festival pass out of my bank account, I will be there. This annual three-day Calfiornia festival is a famously perfect and sweaty music-bath that at least every devoted music lover should dip into just once. I have yet to have the chance to experience Coachella, or other famous fests like Bonnaroo or Lollapalooza, but know that when I do - life and live music as I know it will have reached an ultimate height.

The 2011 Coachella line-up is absolutely mind-blowing. If you find a way to get yourself to the star-studded campground in the valley this year, I think you'll find yourself embedded in a little piece of history. Congregants, refer to the poster to the right.

The other upside of this year's festival? The Coachella web page decided to pump Sleigh Bells' first official video for their undeniably slamming and intimidating rock-hop track "Infinity Guitars" on their page. The music video, which represents some sort of dark twist on the cliche inner workings of high school life, serves no real purpose to the page - except maybe to jack up the adrenaline of anyone shopping for a ticket. All I know is, when I hear this song in the gym,
I suddenly feel like a character out of 300 - greasy-muscled and ready for battle.

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