Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ham It Up.

The masterminds met last week
They're here. Last night Hova and Kanye leaked the first track off their superstar combination album Watch The Throne, called "H.A.M". It's an escalating electro-opera track that sounds as if it's set against an epic showdown on the mean streets of the hood. Both Jay-Z and Kanye spit quick rhymes against the rapid beat, talking the usual talk of being Hard As Motherf****rs (hence the mindblowingly clever acronym H.A.M.), and the best in the game.

I personally expected much more from the first release, lyrically and in terms of the beat and sampling these respective geniuses used. But I don't think the point was to blow us all away. I'm suspecting that the point was to give us a taste; an insight into their vision, ruthless intensity and merciless confidence - as if to say, "Just wait, because we're coming."

Expect the rest of the releases in February or March - the official date is still a mystery, despite Kanye saying it will be this week. If you've ever read Kanye's tweets, you can't be entirely sure what he's saying is correct.

What do you think of the brand new hip-hop royalty track? http://www1.rollingstone.com/hearitnow/player/kanye.html

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