Friday, January 14, 2011

New Dirt

Musician Sean Carey, otherwise known as his solo artist moniker S. Carey or "that multi-talented guy from Bon Iver," just debuted his first music video for the song "In the Dirt" off his compelling August solo album All We Grow. A video composed by Swedish brothers and then sent to Carey's manager, he says it matched the meaning of the song perfectly. Made up of gorgeous cinematography and a touching story of two young kids forming a special friendship on a cold winter night, Carey says the images fondly reminded him of his interest in two things that relate to the song: having children and staying in love with somebody your whole life. I tell you, those Bon Iver boys sure are good eggs...

The ambient piano in this song flows like water over the jutting hand-clap percussion - bringing you right back to the happy and carefree adventures we took in childhood. It's an uplifting melody that has moments of slow descent, causing a few reflective and still seconds where memories will stir.

The song is posted below, but please warm your heart by watching the newly released music video HERE.

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