Monday, January 10, 2011

The Shining

Long in the game, but would we say he's late to bloom? Ron Sexsmith announced just before Christmas that he was going to be releasing a new compilation on March 1st called Long Player, Late Bloomer - and it's expected to be another homegrown hit from the modest Canadian singer-songwriter. The album features helping hands from other Canadian musical minds including The Barenaked Ladies, The Sadies and Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene, which should mean for intelligent and crafty melodies to match Sexsmith's mesmerizing songwriting. Sexsmith, who is known for his graceful and instrumental indie-folk tunes, has leaked what will be the first song off the new album called "Love Shines," and it's a perfectly predictable piece of him.

Classic Sexsmith is heard in the sweetheart optimism and gentlemanly serenades that make up this flowing and cheery ballad, causing me to think that the rest of the songs are going to be equally as genuine. Sexsmith always manages to find the light within a melancholy concept, helping it shine bright with heavy piano keys and elegant guitar. In "Love Shines", Sexsmith rhymes poetry with his vocal purity - words that are fit for a coffeehouse reading or pocket-quote book. Despite raising his soft croons to howl the end of the song, Sexsmith has admitted in the past he never wants to get in the way of the song and how it plays out - but, if you ask me, he needs to let himself steal the spotlight more often with a voice as enchanting as his.

In every nowhere town/ There are somewhere dreams/ Gracefully reaching out/ To pull love's strings/ I've seen what love can do/ I understand/ Like the candle glowing in the wine/ It fills a heart with silver stars/ That's where my love shines/ When light appears in happy tears/ That's where my love shines.

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