Friday, February 18, 2011

Chain, Chain, Chain

So, my mind wanders, like everybody elses, to nutty and unexpected places. If I have the time to let it, my brain will start somewhere and end up in a completely different direction - one of the many perks of being alive with an equal parts rational/dreamy brain, if you ask me.


(Un)Fortunately for you, I'm going to run through one of my mind-wandering moments that goes a little something like this: Jake, Jenny and John. Trust me, there's a musical end-point in sight with all of this. Last night I was walking through the market when I came across a newsstand hoisting a photo of the ever-perfect depiction of beauty, Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal. While I let my mind have it's moments as I stared at his twinkling smile, puppy-dog eyes and outback-scruff face - I ended up thinking how interesting it is that he used to date indie-fairy Jenny Lewis, solo artist and sassy female lead of the band Rilo Kiley. 'What an odd pairing,' I thought. Then,  I thought how they must have originally met because he is probably interested in great music, maybe leading him to check out one of her shows - and therefore confirming that him and I have a lot in common and might date someday. Anyway, back on track...

I then thought to myself how Jenny is now, more sensically, dating Scottish-American Johnathan Rice, a fellow indie acoustic and folk musician who is eight years her junior. I was thinking how Rice, who also cameo-ed as Roy Orbison in Walk The Line (2005), has such a tremendously raspy young voice, that is the perfect accompaniment to his heartfelt strums. As you'll hear in my favourite song of Rice's, "The Acrobat" from 2005's Trouble is Real, he has a depth beyond his years and a casually sincere sound. Remembering how much I enjoyed him earned a repeat play of this song in my CD player this morning.


Lastly, I thought how perfect it was that these two indie lovebirds combined to form the sweet and starry-eyed musical duo Jenny and Johnny. Fun and folky with a debut album under their wings, the upbeat duets make it fairly clear that these two are just genuinely pleased to be singing with each other. How cute.


So, whether or not you wanted an insight into a minute of my mind's random thought processes, you got it! And, hopefully you learned something new about sexy celebrities, sultry songbirds and the stuff they come up with. Happy weekend!

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