Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Fox and The Round

After their debut self-titled album, a wonderful 1960s-reminiscent compilation of trademark spiritual harmonies and earthy lyrical messages, Fleet Foxes have returned to the studio with a preview of what promises to be an equally as heartwarming new addiction of mine.

Their title-track first single, "Helplessness Blues", is already on near-constant repeat for me. Eruptive ranging harmonies and upbeat acoustic guitar begin the song, channeling the Foxes we know and love as well as their equally dreamy and harmonic forefathers, Simon and Garfunkel. Rising and falling trained voices hook you in early before a pleasant transition takes over the last two minutes of the song - a sound consisting of a distant thumping drum, looping country twangs and a whimsical melody fit for rolling hills and spilling sunshine. Lead singer Graham Nash and his vocal perfection dances you through a flower-child story of life's unknown purpose and his own ambivalence, that leads him to a dream: "And you would wait tables/ And soon run the store/ Gold hair in the sunlight/ My light in the dawn/ If I had an orchard/ I'd work till I'm sore."

This song, and inevitably this album, will be worth your time. If by the time you've read this you haven't already pressed "Play" again, do so now!

Look for the album Helplessness Blues from Fleet Foxes on May 3rd, 2011.

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