Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Little Things Count

There are only a few things I need in life...

Who am I kidding? We all have things we need, in the sense that without them, daily activities just wouldn't be as enjoyable. Now, I don't technically need my iPod and headphones every day, but I feel a little naked and bored on the walk to and from work. And when I'm writing at work, which is most of the time, I like to plug 'em in, tune out the clicking keys and sliding boardroom doors and get my head in the game.

My two children: left and right headphone.
These Sony Studio Headphones, regularly $50 or more, are my life. I happen to know a hidden gem of a store where they are only (drum roll) $20. My previous pair lasted me until two weeks ago, and I had them for three years. They cancel noise, fit comfortably, and trust me - in this frigid weather, I would choose ear-muff-style headphones over buds any day of the week. Well, actually, no matter what I would never use ear buds. Didn't we learn as children not to stick small objects in our ears? I wouldn't stick a marble in my ear (again...) and I certainly wouldn't ever turn to a bud. You may get a little moist exercising with these puppies on, but they don't fall out of place, you don't have to listen to fellow gym bunnies panting, and who cares about a little droplet. If you're not sweating, you're not working!

How cute.
Secondly, a wonderful work day accessory that sits right next to me and compliments music splendidly is my Blue Q travel mug. Recylable, eco-safe and stainless steel - have you ever seen a happier-looking mug? Everytime I pour hot coffee or tea into this first thing in the morning, whether the sun is shining or not, my walk to work brightens with each sip. I really suggest you invest in the happiest morning mug possible - it adds a little hop to your step. Why am I writing about my mug, you ask? Because I like it that much.

You've got to love the simple things!

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