Monday, February 28, 2011

My Foolish Heart

The smooth and unpredictable sound of jazz music is one of life's most tender treasures, and whether or not you have the ear for it, I suggest you seek out a few classics to add to your own collection. A fantastic place to start is the influential American jazz pianist Bill Evans, a melodic and harmonic genius whose legendary solo performances were so soft and sweet and will forever be remembered. Despite a lifelong battle with substances that resulted in his physical demise at the age of 51, Evans is a staple of jazz ingenuity that will forever be part of my jazz playlist.

Above is a piece I purchased from a local artist named Robyn Shaw this past week - a black on white print of Evans' famous figure, hunched over the piano, head down, often a cigarette in mouth. Once framed, I can't wait to wake up to those lovely words,  "My Foolish Heart", hanging in front of me. Listen to and love the beautiful Bill Evans below.

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