Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Stroke's The Word

Strokes and the City
Vijf. Cinco. 5 years. FIVE years. That is how long it's been since we heard any new music from our favourite Manhattan garage-rock revivers The Strokes. Since announcing in early 2009 that they were going to start chipping away at new songs and a new sound, we've waited patiently with bated breath to see what this power quintet would produce.

Finally, the due date for this newborn post-punk baby, known as Angles, has been announced as March 22nd, 2011. After many wonderful solo efforts by the bandmates, including guitarist Albert Hammond Jr.'s two fantastic releases Yours to Keep and ¿Cómo Te Llama?,  as well as lead Julian Casablancas' electro-rock Phrazes for the Young, they promise to at last show us collectively if they've still got it. Guaranteed, they will still have it.

I say this because if last week's leaked single is any indication of the vim and vigour they have packed into the new album, then my bated breath hasn't been without purpose. The song "Under Cover of Darkness" is so perfectly and classically Strokes-sounding. Truly the perfect song for a leisurely, sunny-sidewalked stroll. Upbeat and overtly stylish, Casablancas' fuzzy vibrato, the squealing guitar hooks and Fabrizio Moretti's downtown drumming are the glue that holds together this typically catchy and trendy tune. Take a listen, and join me in the keen countdown for the boys' March release.

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