Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Codes and Keys

After spending half of an adolescence swooning over Ben Gibbard's sweetheart, chiming vocals, I found it to be only necessary that I comment on the newest Death Cab for Cutie release, "You Are A Tourist", which hit the internet only yesterday.

Plans for the song have already started off as highly interesting and moreso unlike the normally subdued and spotlight-shy band, because the group have announced they will be airing the music video on the internet at the same time they're filming it. Risky and attention-grabbing! I like it. The song, on the other hand, is a perfect introduction to the warm spring sun; it honours the carefree, heartfelt indie-rock that walked the better portion of us through our 'emo' high school hallways, but has a mature and aged after-taste to it as well.

Pleasant and light-hearted, Gibbard's fuzzy vocals, the pitter-pattering bass and sunkissed electric guitar loop are delightful and noninvasive against his famous over-pronounced yodels that say, "There's a burning in your heart, don't be alone". Just the kind of words we needed to hear then, and coincidentally, the kind we still appreciate hearing now. The single is the first off the upcoming album Codes and Keys, which promises to be dropped on May 31st, and from the sounds of it - we are in for another sugary sweet indie-rock compilation that is bullseye targeted  to strike our nostalgic chords.

Listen to You Are A Tourist - Death Cab For Cutie:

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