Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Come Pick This Up

Here's a little Wednesday taste of Mr. Ryan Adams, the alt-country author whose pen is famously known to dash out bittersweet lyric after lyric about heartbreak and change. Sliding guitars, easygoing strums and ideas like, "I ain't afraid of hurt/ I've had so much it feels just like normal to me now/ I'm alone and I'm dancin' with you now/ In your old room/ In your old house," have that country song effect while you listen; that feeling like you're sitting on the edge of a bed, thinking big thoughts, in a desolate highway motel. And there's more where this came from - 2005's Cold Roses, the album that birthed this song, is a beautiful collection of Adams' late-night romanticized thoughts and country melodies. Enjoy!

"Now That You're Gone"- Ryan Adams

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