Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crystal Voice

Contemporary dream-folk artist Marissa Nadler, and her song "Diamond Heart", is without a doubt one my largest and most overplayed auditory treats of the week. This 29 year-old girl has a soft and wispy narrative, similar to but more powerful than Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star's - and it creates some sort of light feeling of being walked through a mystical fairytale by her pixie voice. Sparkling high notes and humble low whispers make up her whimsical countryside hymns, and even though I find her songs took me a few moments to sink into, once I did I was hooked on this one in particular.

"Diamond Hearts" is a gentle acoustic guitar journey that's decorated with her magnificent mezzo-soprano howls. You'll listen to the ballad as it loops like winding roads, because her voice is so impossible not to follow, encompassing everything haunting folk should be: romantic and dark; melancholy and hopeful; sad but happy. The gentle voice of this little songbird promises to be a wonderful backdrop to your serene summer evenings that will be just around the corner with her June 14th new release, and if you like this kind of music, I promise it will blanket you just as warmly as the heat in the night.

Listen to Diamond Hearts - Marissa Nadler:


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