Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dig This

New Orleans is in the house. A new discovery of mine is a download from a quirky pop team I can't wait to hear more of - the buzzed-about beats of Lousianan pop-rock group Empress Hotel. Although their available singles are few and far between, this collective has got some Tigger-bounce to them. The sextet and their sweet, easygoing indie-pop exude feelgood musical vibes with their two sunny MySpace songs.

The single that's caught my attention is called "Bells Ring" and, I promise you, it is an undeniably fun listen. Creating the feeling of driving down a palm tree-lined boulevard, this funky ditty is a mixed bag of Beach Boys harmonies, Walkmen-reminiscent lead vocals, smacking drum sticks, slinky guitars and a randomly inserted musical squeak that is either a dialpad of a telephone or some other strange instrument I wish I played. Playing on their influences - which include everything from Dr. Dog dance-rock to The Smiths to Destiny's Child - it sounds like these goofy performers are making music for one of the most important reasons: to simply have a good time. I also get the feeling, however, they're ready to let us in on the party too.

Listen for their debut self-titled EP on March 8th.

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