Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feeling This

Well, well, well - somebody went to sexy summer school! I don't know if any of you have taken a look at the new and improved (hardly, they were already easy on the eyes) Sam Roberts Band, but those boys are looking sharp, pulled-together and noticeably trendier. In particular, the man behind the name has an especially confident and handsome attitude about him - as if he's got a little musical something up his sleeve.

From the sounds of it he does, because the release of the first single, "I Feel You", off his upcoming May LP is sassy, intriguing and downright fiery hot. It has all of the modern soul-rock ingredients that have blasted bands like The Black Keys and Queens of The Stone Age into mainstream rock stardom. People crave soul and sultriness, and Sam Roberts has blended a mesmerizing potion of both with this track.

"All in love and love is war/ Take everything it wants more/....Yeah, I feel you," Roberts breathes at us throughout the electric stomp of his new rock sound. A thumping beat and soaring chord-play begin the ignited tune, before a playful transition to the waltzy pound of the guitar takes over. The cutback of pop-rock and heavier feel of this track are actually an effortless pairing with the raspy, subdued croons of Mr. Roberts.

On that note, the steamier rock sound is also a lovely fit for this equally steamy man. Keep an eye on the upcoming rock charts, I feel like his mod and fashionable rock re-entry will be a grand one.

Watch for Collider on music store shelves in May 2011.

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