Monday, March 7, 2011

Giant Rock

This post has been a few weeks in the making. I knew I wanted to write it, I knew I wanted to share what I’m going to share here this morning, but there was one minor setback – I didn’t know the name of the song I wanted to write about.

I usually have my old stereo on low-volume in my bedroom when I’m puttering around the house. And of course, when cleaning in my underpants and an old soccer jersey it gets cranked at full volume. About three weeks ago I was doing a large please-let-it-be-spring-soon clean of the whole house when this booming, melodic rock anthem came on – putting me in high-time cleaning mode, as well as the absolute best mood. Now, after the song ended I meant to check the radio station’s online playlist to find its name when I got seriously distracted and... never did that.

So, weeks passed and the radio played on, with the song never returning to brighten my day. Two days ago I was getting ready for the evening when I thought I would flick it on, because my musical spidey-sense told me it was going to be playing at that very moment. Sure enough, the radio host’s baritone voice introduced “My Body” from Young The Giant – and the opening chords of my long-lost musical fling began to play.

Since I reunited by chance with my current favourite track, it’s been on near-constant repeat. These Californian alt-rocker cuties have got exactly what it takes - grand instruments, Sameer Gadhia's smooth vibrato and catchy melodies that could hook even the most uninterested listener. My homework tonight is buying the full self-titled album in hard copy to see if these soaring songs continue to wow me with each skip of the track number.

“My Body” is a heavy and harmonious up-tempo piece of rock that will undoubtedly raise you to your feet. Comparisons can be heard in the rising rock rhythm of bands like The Fratellis and Glasvegas, but the pure pleasing vocals and tuneful chord progression are something different than what the mainstream radio airwaves have offered in quite some time. I hope this lovely anthem is an indication of the kind of sunny and boisterous rock we’ll continue to hear from this group in the future – and I’ll be sure to share what the rest of the album does for me. Enjoy!

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