Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On National TV

"Conversation 16", the latest single from my favourite acclaimed art-rockers The National, has an odd but amusing little story to go along with its sound as of today. The Brooklyn band has premiered their newest music video - a playful love triangle concept featuring actor John Slattery from Sex and the City, Mad Men and the amazing box-office hit The Adjustment Bureau. Bringing us back to the good ol' days of storyline music videos that hardly feature the band, this one is fairly goofy and pointless - but that being said, it's not the actual video I'm interested in. I'm interested in this song and how it's a perfect example of the moody and thoughtful romance rock that has secured this band in my top five since their inception.

"You're the only thing I ever want anymore/ We'll live on coffee and flowers/ Try not to worry what the weather will be." Mmmm. Those kind of ideas paired with Matt Berninger's honest, longing baritone are all I really need to make me a happy girl. If you aren't yet a fan of these men and all of their past genius glory, please, please promise to listen to less recent favourites of mine like "Slow Show", "Fake Empire" and "Geese of Beverly Road".

So, here it is. And do me a favour - try to focus solely on the song, lyrics and how cool John Slattery is.


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