Friday, March 4, 2011

Roped Right In

THE man, Dave Grohl
Welcome back, boys! We missed you. One of my most beloved Generation Y rock veterans Foo Fighters are back with their seventh release, called Wasting Light - a true-to-form rock n' roll and post-grunge compilation to be released in early April. And, before I forget - I should mention that the album was recorded in a Dave Grohl's garage. Vroom-vroom.

Their first single entitled "Rope" has hit the airwaves at full blast, and feels like some sort of nostalgic reassurance that the remnants of classic rock we held so dearly during the late 90s and early millennium haven't exactly left the building. The tempo and rhythmic patterns of the chorus leave your foot tapping the same as "Learning to Fly" did in 1999, Dave Grohl's trained screeches and "yow's" next to more subdued harmonies ring an old bell, and Taylor Hawkins' concluding drum-off is an evocative trick that dates back a decade or so. Ah, the sweet smell of the Y2K.

Not exactly the in-your-face return we saw with 2008's thick and heavy single "The Pretender", but if anything, it's an illustrative reminder of a sound we once knew that will, like everything else, come knocking all over again. That being said, it's only the first single released - who knows what kind of heat they'll bring with the rest of the release. What do you think of the new Foo?


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