Thursday, April 14, 2011

Altogether Taken Apart

Let's talk mainstream! This song - or should I say, this cover - is by no means an unknown or concealed little gem, but that being said, it really is a gem. Not necessarily because the redesigned version is anything out of the ordinary or revolutionary, but because it just represents everything I love about the best kinds of covers: an artist taking a concept completely out of their comfort sphere or realm, and with respect to the original, they thematically shape and mold it into something more stylistically suited to them. So, when Cee-lo, goofy pop artist and distant relative of the peacock family, decided to twist one of my favourite Band of Horses ballads, "No One's Gonna Love You", into his own synth-pop anthem - he earns points from me for recognizing and paying homage to a type of songwriting and genre that he normally wouldn't dabble in. He essentially gives props to the great Americana indie-rock Horses.

And, what drew me to writing about this cover was actually, more than anything, the music video. Some sort of Bonnie and Clyde-esque documentary - a frivolous, wild-child couple taking their unconditional love on a cross-country tour of the American highway. It's adorable, fast-paced and spotted with hypnotizing romantic images that depict a real and unpretentious bond, that like in real life, can easily start "splittin' at the seams and tumbling down hard." Check it out - and be sure to listen to the magnificent original while you're at it.


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