Monday, April 25, 2011

Cure Those Mondays

If you're like me - at an office in a ghost town downtown area where everyone else is on holiday still - you probably are echoing my sentiment when I say I have a mild case of the Mondays.

First Wave from Dam Mantle
Hopefully this little track will help you out. A really interesting electro-mix by Glasgow producer Dam Mantle (also known as Tom Marshallay), called "Movement" is actually completely brightening up my day. A busy track that's full of uplifting clicks and booms, cinematic strings and jutted keyboard beats - it will surround you like a big ball of sunshine as you walk, plugged in and happy while it soars. Marshallay is quite something - that something being, exactly the kind of electronic music I love. I wouldn't go as far as saying it's predictable, unlike some of the other tracks we hear nowadays, but it manages to use fascinating musical bits and pieces while still mapping something of a theme throughout for the listeners to follow. It's certainly all over the place at times, and there are moments where you'll hear oddities and found-sound, but at the end of the day - you really capture the bigger picture. The bigger picture being, it's sort of like a beautiful and epic movie score, if the movie score was a person, and that person happened to have A.D.D.

Wherever Dam Mantle is going with his talent and his ambitious producing mind, I truly enjoy it. This track is just a bit of harmony in an otherwise chaotic land of moody Monday workers like me. Check out the rest of Dam Mantle's brand new work on his debut album First Wave from Wichita Records.

"Movement" - Dam Mantle

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