Friday, April 1, 2011

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Today is a wonderful day. No, not the endless grind of the busy work day, the frigid edging-onto-spring Canadian weather or the fact that I have such sad Mother Hubbard's Cupboards right now that I've brought Mr. Noodles for lunch - it's what comes after that. Once the day is over and the crusty noodles have been consumed - I'll be taking flight, having a little snooze, floating in a few clouds, and waking the Caribbean. Colour me excited.

Of course, one of the first things I did for the drive to the Toronto airport and the week spent plugged into my iPod while lying on a bed of icing sugar-sand was...make several mixes! And, of course, they all had to be weather, culture and vibe appropriate. I think my task was completed successfully, because these are a few of the tasty, fruity-tooty, bouncing tropical treats I made up for us:

1. Could You Be Loved - Bob Marley: Whether the original or the millennium-molded Damian Marley remix, the sounds of this bass-driven reggae song will put you on a sandy beach wherever you are in the world. Lucky for me, I'll actually be on a beach. Whoops, last time I rub it in.

2. Now That You Got It (Remix) - Gwen Stefani feat. Damian Marley: Another Marley-touched track, this song has contagious doses of 90s reggae piano and Marley's interjected hollers in between Stefani's catchy lyrics.

3. In The Summertime - Mungo Jerry: One of the jolliest summer-strolling tracks of all time - this goofy shuffle of a song sounds like it belongs in a ragtime dance hall, with foreheads sweating and heads bobbing while the ceiling fans blow.

4. Send Me On My Way - Rusted Root: Most people (who had the proper childhood movie-watching experience) remember this adorable and cheery ditty the film Matilda. With easily one of the loveliest and most heartwarming acoustic guitar loops of all time, it makes you feel smiley, adventurous and unafraid of the consequences.

5. Adrift - Jack Johnson: This beach side lullaby sways like the coming and going of the evening tide. Johnson's quiet hums and gentle picking of the guitar lie hand-in-hand with the lyrics, "This moment keeps on moving, we were never meant to hold on."

6. The Bucket - Kings of Leon: Prepare for take-off. This KOL song is one of my favourites because it is an absolute blast from start to finish - it boasts young love, spontaneity and carelessness every time it drops the hurried electric wails. "You kick the bucket and I'll swing my legs," moans my sweet little hubby, Caleb Followill.

7. Feelin' Alright - Joe Cocker: Joe, baby, sing it. As soon as I hear the opening sultry jazz of the piano loop, and then Cocker's soulful croons, I get the urge to stand in my seat (or on my seat) and start a mass choreographed dance. When his raspy vocals and back-up singers' gospel yelps combine, I can immediately see and smell it - sunkissed bodies paired off, swaying to the rhythm, back and forth, dipping each other, cheek-to-cheek. One big, sexy lovefest.

8. Stay - Tragically Hip: Without a doubt one of my favourite Hip songs, this one is pure sunshine and ease, and its perfectly orchestrated by the plain, thoughtful wisdom of Gord Downie's storytelling. A simple verse turned into a beautiful, melodic chorus - it's also marked by my favourite mid-song hook when Downie profoundly rises above the popping guitar strings to sing, "All things being balanced, its balanced and always balancing somewhere beyond everything."

9. Valerie (Remix) - Amy Winehouse featuring Mark Ronson and Baby J: Well, here we are. The epitome of lying star-fished on a beach, overlooking sparkling blue waters and achieving the heavenly state of fruity-drink-day-buzzed. This stripped down version of the Motown-on-crack original, in a nutshell, is a jet-setting reggae dream.


10. Groove Me Baby - King Floyd: Consider me grooved! King Floyd's classic, New Orleans shout is like a heatwave over this golden anthem. It's boppity horns and soulful rhythm will send you hop-scotching down the street (or beach, in my case - okay, last one), infecting others with your saucy and grooved-up mood.

See you in a week - I'll miss ya!

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