Monday, April 18, 2011

Something tells me...

...I'm into something good. I have a very strong feeling that this week is going to be a good one. I don't know why; the piles on my desk and my heavy morning eyelids would normally be exhibits of evidence to the contrary, but I'm not buying it. I think this is going to be a very, very nice week.

And I hope you feel the same way. If you don't yet, that's fine. Maybe listen to this crafty cover of a ditty made famous by Herman's Hermits, and then make your decision about what this gloomy-looking Monday has in store. Something about synth-pop crooner Inara George ("the bird") and her electro-doo-wop calmness always leaves me wanting more. In my mind and to my ears, it's quite rare she does any wrong.

And while you're listening to this cutiepie of a cover, think of all the things you can do to make this week what you want it to be, despite your work life or overwhelming amount of schoolwork. Some of my favourite moments are those spent in solitude listening to great tunes. Others are the little things, like:

  • Being curled up in my favourite big chair reading something fascinating. When I'm too tired to feel whimsically swept away by a fictional plot, I opt for an interesting biography or history of sorts. You can pick it up when you're craving a little knowledge, put it down whenever, and you'll undoubtedly still feel a little smarter after half an hour of reading. Some background jazz music usually does the trick too. Glass of wine optional but recommended.

  • Go to your local supermarket and head to the tea section, pick out a few boxes (they're not heavy on the bank account) that supposedly have calming effects or neat names. I pick out ones like Apple Cinnamon, Peppermint Ginger, Chocolatey Chai etc. and pour a healthy bowl-sized mug of that to sip with a movie on a week night. Something about it brings you down from that Monday to Friday chaos.

  • Start your weekend in a different neighbourhood. One of my favourite things is to get up early on a Saturday morning and venture somewhere (after having written down my transit plan - but really, who cares if you get lost?) that's in no way close to my house. You most likely won't bump into anyone you know and will inevitably discover a new breakfast spot, boutique or coffee shop that can be your little secret. Plug in your favourite playlist and jaunt around a new part of the city - you'll be surprised how liberating it is to realize you've made it to 1 o'clock in the afternoon only having said about 10 words so far that day.

Happy Monday.

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