Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome to the Club

Welcome back to the Round everybody - I've missed you! As much as my little getaway was highly beneficial in soothing my busy work-infested mind and nursing my pasty-white winter body back to sunkissed life - I missed (every day, without fail) the chance to talk about music, discover music and learn about what's happening and relevant in music. I found that after being in a beautifully scenic and fantasy-like resort, I was unbelievably lucky and at peace - but missing horribly the little joys of reading the morning news, hearing a new song on the radio (that wasn't "We No Speak Americano" at a deafening poolside volume), and not being back-handed by a sand-filled breeze everytime I was having a meaningful conversation.

But, all of that being said, my trip was therapeutic, the beach was aqua blue against the blinding white sand, ten thousand laughs were had, and wonderful new friends were made. And, I even discovered a few new Spanish songs that we were prompted to shake it to (about sixteen times a day) by the over-ecstatic resort staff. Mass choreographed dancing? Not only a thing of my dreams in the world of Dominicana.

And, a non-Spanish, non-English song was discovered - one that ultimately became the theme song of our entire week-long party. The scene was set each day with countless Bahama Mama, Pina Colada and Presidente Cerveza sips, our lazy, glistening bodies sprawled on beach chairs, disco dance floor domination under the moonlight and literal scream-laughing - all to this one spankin' new tune.

Yelle, a french pop-electro band founded in 2007 are responsible for a range of catchy french hits - those that become vices you don't admit to enjoying (because they sound like cartoon theme songs), and innovative trendy disco-pop that becomes your go-to party bop. This song easily fell into the latter category. Lead by the piercing, childlike vocals of Julie Budet, the song "Safari Disco Club" (the first track off their brand new album, which is unfortunately sparsely populated with equally as addictive songs) resembles the hoppity electro of Dragonette and CSS combined, making for a head-bobbing, two-stepping dream.

Beginning with erratic pot, pan and xylophone-tapping, the song immediately dives into Budet's pixie-shouts over funky aerial disco beats. Addictive to dance and sing to, you find yourself excited to chant the most interesting and cutely addictive french phrase of your life that slides through the chorus: "Les animaux dansent dans le Safari Disco Club." This song ended up having it's own glance. A lull in our day of lounging? Glance..."S.D.C." came on. A new round of ocho drinkypoos? Glance..."S.D.C." would blare. A wonderful song that, if possible, made the sun shine brighter, cranked the 30-degree weather up higher, and put even wider ear-to-ear grins on our face as we pranced through the dunes.

Enjoy the disco, little animals!


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