Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Classic Cool-down

On this particularly scorching day, here are a few scorching tunes to accompany your cold beverage and ripped jeans. I can't say it will lessen the sweat on your brow, because if you're anything like me when these kind of tracks pop on, they should get you moving and therefore even more heated. Wwhen the weather gets this warm, one of the first things I turn to is an old album to toss on as I crack a cold beer in the hot breeze. Nothing says summer, roadtripping and freedom like the sounds of the classics:

1. This Time Tomorrow -The Kinks: The ultimate 1970s road-anthem about living the dream. Or is it? Although a beautiful song about a brand new day, it's also a song that perfectly depicts lead singer Ray Davies' exhausted detachment from a mischievous and chaotic life on the rock star yellow-brick road. Still, it makes for a sunny stroll down memory lane, and embeds a little mischief in the listener as well.

2. Sister Golden Hair - America: A pleasant ditty by one of my favourite Americana bands, this song is actually a message from a man to a woman, about still being in love with her and her golden locks. Simplistic in messaging, but heartwarming and unmatched in folk-rock strumming.


3. Got To Give It Up - Marvin Gaye: I dare you to not shimmy and shake to this classic. Marvin Gaye howls is high-pitched words at you, prompting you to get out of your chair while the bump-and-grind groove rolls out. It's a command you'll find tough to ignore.


4. Keep Me Hangin' On - Vanilla Fudge: This heavy funk-rock take on the original Supremes tune is just about one of the sexiest covers of all-time. I insist you wait for it to take off - the thick, heated vocals that come in after the massive organ and pounding percussion build-up are something you'll rewind to hear again and again.


5. Fly at Night - Chilliwack: Maybe a more ideal song for the wind-down portion of your patio evening, but nonetheless, a great one. Another typical story of "four men in a rock and roll band" - this one starts off as a simple strum and vocal combination, before quickly turning into a soaring rock n' roll plea that features some of the best background "Ahhh's" in Canadian music history.


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