Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Colouring Outside the Lines

Me likey. The brand new City and Colour track has hit the airwaves along with buzz about mastermind Dallas Green's June 7th upcoming release, Little Hell. I obviously can't tell you if the song, titled "Fragile Bird", represents the larger musical picture that will be painted with this album - but if it is, we are in for something a little different.

The Canadian songbird is most well known for his sweet and soft male vocals, which are usually paired with an indie acoustic strum that sounds next to nothing like his original alt-screamo project, Alexisonfire. This one I'd say straddles the provincial boundary in between Acousticville and Screamington, ON. It opens with a distant and squealing electric loop before transitioning into layers of thumping bass, grungy guitars and the pound of the drum. Of course, through all of those layers, Green's milky voice creates a naturally pretty taste, which is the icing on top.

Check it out if you have any interest in a side of Green you haven't heard before. I find it to be one of those songs that, the more I hear it, the more I love it.


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  1. Dom, Matt, and I all agree... this new song sounds very Steve Miller-esque. But we're digging it!