Monday, May 23, 2011

A Little More Inspiration...

... A little more action.

I do a lot of writing in a lot of different places. A few weeks ago, I was writing from my (temporary) Toronto condo balcony on my Blackberry memo pad, with my headphones in, overlooking the flickering 1:00 am skyline. Sometimes I click away from my bustling office while I'm taking a lunch break. Other times I go 'old school' with handwritten notes in my Moleskin journal, while watching the downtown traffic zoom by from my back balcony. Then, there are the weekends where I pack my schedule full of friends and fun, only to sleep in (sort of) the next morning, and wake up to a quiet apartment that boasts the "world is your oyster" sort of feeling. My cozy little haven where the coffee is fresh, the breeze flows through, and the music choices are mine. All of the places just listed are what I like to think are inspiring places to be, but on this particular May long weekend, the rainy hours of the afternoons spent cooped up in my little home were exactly what the doctor ordered. Here is some of the scenery that inspires me, and here are some of the tunes that did the same this weekend. What inspired you?

Forever After Days - The National

Everyone Falls - Beth Thornley

Biblical Sense of the Word - Quiet Company

                                  Don't Carry It All - The Decemberists

Happy long weekend!

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  1. Love these photes J! You're a great lil photog :) xoxo