Saturday, May 21, 2011


Ace. The debut album from the cheery husband-and-wife pair known as Tennis just has to be part of your summer soundtrack. The songs – effortless, breezy and lead by Alaina Moore’s soft teenage-sounding vocals – perfectly represent a lazy summer spent at the beach. With the sound of Moore’s feminine croons and doo-wop rhythms, you’ll taste the salt water taffy, see the sun bounce off the water and feel the hot breeze. The band, whose name comes from Moore accusing her husband and band member Patrick Riley for playing the "elitist rich man's sport,” exude a poppy brightness made famous by Camera Obscura and The Sundays. It’s a sound that with the approaching spiking temperatures seems nothing less than appropriate.

Their first release, entitled Cape Dory, features a number of lollipop-licking tunes that are decorated by Moore’s own distant and sugary harmonies. A perfect example is “Marathon”(below), the first single that features a tapping snap-beat, 50s-sounding organ loop and a twangy surfer guitar. “Waterbirds”, a slow-dancing jam that features a crashing chorus and “Pigeon”, which is fit for an evening sail, are slowed-down, swaying tunes for when the tide tucks in and the bubblegum girl-group energy feels a little less appealing.

Either way, with whatever path Tennis takes, Moore’s vocals are charming and honest – like the girl next door letting serenading you from her front porch. There’s really nothing like a little summer romance with a new set of songs.

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