Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weather Girl

She's got a fiery song for a rainy day.
It's no news to anyone that Adele is absolutely tearing up the charts right now with her bluesy pop hit record 21 and all of it's melancholy break-up-inspired glory. Adele battles through her failed relationship reflections and triumphs with glory in her most recent, chart-topping release - an album that led producer Ryan Tesser to say that this Brit star "is the greatest female singer alive, period."

Her powerful vocal chords, which have been dominating the Billboard charts at the No. 1 spot for over eight weeks now, are addictive - despite the fact that "Rolling in the Deep" is now another favourite of mine that has (once again) gone slightly overplayed. Either way, I love it and love her - and am so proud to hear that the tunes of this record, like "Someone Like You" and "One and Only" are part of the longest Billboard chart run since early 2009.

This song in particular is one most people can associate with, and it perfectly depicts the angry, the passion, the pain and the happy felt in a serious relationship. The lyrics and instruments are booming, the melody is captivating and vocally it makes you feel a little weak in the knees - all of the proper ingredients to include as an artist, when you're hashing out the remnants of that crazy thing called love.

Set Fire To The Rain - Adele

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