Thursday, June 9, 2011

Give Me The Funk

Loosen up your hips ladies and gents, dance-rock group Friendly Fires are back with a little flair and a lot of funk. Their electric dance beats have been pumped full of funky adrenaline, and plucked of most of the slight emo-ambiance that the Brits had experimented with on their first self-titled album.

The Fires have returned with an urban dance-punk compilation - one that is destined to be the buzzing cocktail party soundtrack of the summer. Edgy and layered in the thick English falsetto croons of lead boy-wonder Ed MacFarlane - the scattered beats of the newest release Pala will blast you right onto the crowded last-call streets of London and before you know it, you'll feel like you're grooving with the rest of the trendy night owls.

Of the generally cheery mix, "Hawaiian Air" is just one of the fireworks set off in the already bright bunch. Featuring a cute, tapping percussion that juggles the sunny notes and big vocals, it's a jet-setting dream for anyone looking to escape from within the comfort of their own living room dance party. The tracks are a confident and beat-heavy step away from the more atmospheric indie hits on their debut - especially the two-stepping gem "Show Me Lights" (below), which is one big and scrumptious juxtaposition of harmonic, attitude-filled vocals and slamming drum solos. "Chimes", the shiny, marching-drum orchestrated tune starts out subdued, as if it were resonating from an underground club, before soaring alongside the airy chorus in which MacFarlane chants, "I can't stop chasing your love." The sparkling electronic effects of the album seem to narrate the story of a sensual kind of longing between a boy and girl, who are in an equally serious relationship with the city. Accompanying the flashy beats are neon street signs, traffic montages, and pairs who can't get their paws off each other. Like those two, it will be tough to resist this hot fire.

Show Me Lights - Friendly Fires

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