Monday, June 27, 2011

Life of Leisure: Washed Out

Washed Out's Ernest Greene - newest
addition to my future husband collection

 Have you ever seen those people who look like their dogs? The stout woman with the pug or the lanky man with the whippet? Similar to these kinds of pooch and people pals are bands whose name resembles their sound. Washed Out, or Ernest Greene, a (literally) hot and fresh synthpop artist actually sounds like he reads; as if something mellow is washing over you, as if milky pastels of a water-colour painting are dripping down the page, or as if the message of what your listening to might come across as a little hazy and blurry, but still feels good.

Greene, a handsome young thing born in ’83, became known after some experimental bedroom producing that lead to MySpace utilization, a gig at the Pitchfork Music Festival, a spot on the acclaimed Seattle label Sub Pop and a whole bevy of press buzz. A typical story but a not-so-typical sound. This dark-haired, blue-eyed Georgia boy has the lethargic and atmospheric kind of dream-pop that pushes California surfers over curling blue waves and rocks their beachside babes to sleep while they watch. It’s breezy, subdued and trendy; glossy enough for the soundtrack to downtown cocktails but smooth enough for the coast. Throw on the Life of Leisure EP while you do just about anything and let the shiny tunes “Feel it All Around”(below), “New Theory” and “You'll See It" lift you up out of your funk and into the blue skies.

Although these 80s-sparkle ambient tunes are a wonderful introduction to Greene’s ability, the debut LP With or Without promises to be where the magic will happen after its July 17th release date. “Amor Fati”(below), an uplifting retro anthem that showcases his soaring vocals and melodic instrumentals, is contagiously catchy and promises to be a smash hit on the indie airwaves. Sounding as if it's taking a page out of Moby’s (1999) Play-book, Washed Out cloud-hops on “Eyes Be Closed” to the throb of the harmonic synthesizer, rising behind his choral vocals.

For whatever occasion - you'll find happiness in the newest addition to the chillwave trend, his adorably easy-on-the-eyes face, and his lookalike tunes.

"Feel It All Around" - Washed Out

"Amor Fati" - Washed Out

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  1. love this song!!!!!! not to mention the artist is hot ;)