Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Message in a Bottle

I really, really like Noah and the Whale. While still being melodic, interesting and not a pile of cheese - they're a wise and optimistic breath of fresh air. They're simple and straight-up with their overwhelming positivity, and nothing about them sounds ashamed of this kind of openly uplifting messaging. Despite communicating to a demographic of maybe cynical youngsters, this modern-day R.E.M. or Tom Petty-sounding group of indie-pop Englishmen are happy in their ways. Their newest release, Last Night On Earth, is jam-packed with words that are eager to prompt the masses into believing that life goes on - a message that the growing-up generation might benefit in hearing. Here's a taste of their work:

                        Waiting For My Chance To Come - Noah and the Whale

Give a Little Love - Noah and the Whale

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