Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Revivalists

Summer is here, ladies and gents. What a better way to celebrate the hot breeze that should have been here a month ago, than with some foot stomping, groove-rock beats that bring us back to the likes of long-haired rock n' roll fools, Fogerty and feel-good jams.

Not since I first heard The Black Keys' Brothers have I felt that a vocal performance is right on par with soulful rock heroes like CCR and the Allman Brothers - until I stumbled upon a group of heavy-hitting, melodic Saskatoon rockers called The Sheepdogs. Nearly flawless harmonies in both their guitar tricks and vocal performances, The Sheepdogs are a foursome of old soul shredders, dedicated to breathing life back into the name of rock and roll.

What's been said to be a live show that will literally rock your pants off, these guys go back to the important basics: choir-esque vocal togetherness, searing guitar riffs that melt the stage around them, and a thumping drum and cowbell combination. I imagine you wouldn't be allowed on stage with these Bonnaroo fan-favourites unless you had the vocal strength and harmonic quality that each of these soul brothers push out from underneath their shaggy beards. The classically scorching tune, "I Don't Know", ticks back and forth between impossibly pure howls and old-school rock riffs that piledrive onto the steamy bed of percussion. "Southern Dreaming" is a playful ditty for your drive down to the cabin, and "Learn and Burn" has the jazzy strut of an electric guitar loop underneath lead Ewan Currie's acrobatic voice. And then there's "Who" - a dirty Southern romp that's bursting with thick harmonies and hot off the pavement electric licks:


The Sheepdogs are finalists in the "Choose The Cover" contest put on by Rolling Stone right now, so make sure you cast your vote for the rockin' Canucks in order to help them get on the August cover of RS and win a recording contract with Atlantic Records!

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