Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wayback Playback

I recently stumbled back upon a late adolescent guilty pleasure of mine recently thanks to a random radio station's line-up - and I have to say, I forgot how fun and melodic the Canadian group Mobile was. For a midsummer night, songs like "See Right Through Me", "Dusting Down The Stars" and "Montreal Calling" might at first sound a little emo in concept, yes, but the powerful vocals, starry-eyed lyrics and big instruments still stand out to me when put alongside some of the other mainstream Canadian radio playlist items (cough, Theory of a Deadman) that stations choose to play. I'm glad the local stations still like Mobile, because so do I - and it makes my getting-ready-routine pretty enjoyable. Remember these tunes?

Dusting Down The Stars - Mobile

                                     See Right Through Me - Mobile

Montreal Calling - Mobile

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