Friday, July 15, 2011

Arkells Alight

Billy Talent
Tim Robbins

Tea Party

The Arkells

Despite the overwhelming amount of punky hard-rock at Bluesfest last night (which normally is not my cup of tea), I was in attendance and did manage to find a little something for myself to enjoy before the throngs of screaming children showed up for Billy Talent. I was able to enjoy performances by Girls with Guitars, the smoking female-trio who know how to shred their guitars just as well as any guy's guy; an enchanting performance of "Heaven Coming Down" by old favourites The Tea Party; a celeb sighting of actor/musician Tim Robbins and then this...

I was secretly a little pleased that Theory of a Deadman backed out of their show due to illness (the sickness part I wasn't snickering about - I sent them mental well-wishes), because it meant a big stage performance by Canadian alternative-rockers The Arkells. Banded together in 2008, these guys have really evolved into a group that knows how to write a lovely hook, a pretty set of really meaningful lyrics, and an album I can't stop listening to. Jackson Square is still the only album out of this Hamilton band, but they're ready to release a second in the fall that promises to be equally as charming. Here's the song that blew me away last night - and no, not because it was infused with a snippet of "Teenage Dream." It blew me away because of the adorable premise, plainly sweet vocals and crashing instrumental breakdown:

                                                Abigail - The Arkells

"Then he turned and said,
"I'll go home instead...
Abigail, you're not making sense
My love...
What have we become?
My love...
What have we become?"

"Where did the good plans go?
What do you feel?
I know you know..."

Last night's Ottawa Bluesfest review can be found here at Ottawa Life Magazine.

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