Monday, July 11, 2011

Bluesy Weekend

Peter Frampton - Ottawa Bluesfest - Sunday, July 10th
Despite the almost unforgiveable weather and hour-long wait to see some of my favourite men The Black Keys on the MBNA stage at Bluesfest on Friday night, it must be said that they once they got out there, they rocked the house. With a thumping, electric set of music, The Keys gave everything they had in them to play for us the music we deserved to hear. After our long and damp wait, huddled together upset and numb, they made their entrance and blew the roof off Lebreton Flats with the better portion of the blues-rock perfection on Brothers. I couldn't stop tweeting at Dan Auerbach to marry me, that's how affected I was.

On Saturday night, we were treated to another earth-shaking performance by loyal loves of mine, The Tragically Hip. Gord Downie's bizarro dancing and flawless vocals are just about the greatest thing, even if it was the umpteenth time I'd see the Kingston natives live. They really know how to reach a crowd that is mixed with ages and types of all kinds.

Last night, Peter Frampton showed me the way. He made me feel like he did, and baby, I loved his way. (See what I did there?). No other way to say it other than that; he really hasn't lost an ounce of his magical guitar and talkbox touch, and still seared the stage around him with his ferocious licks and timeless vocals.


After Frampton, I wandered to see younger indie-rockers from Vancouver, BC, Yukon Blonde. They're truly an up-and-coming group of rockers - with their curly locks hanging in front of their face as they bounce around stage, harmonizing and strumming like something out of the early 70s. "Brides Song" was easily my favourite from this set of performances, especially when they ripped a guitar solo that had the (mostly) unknowing crowd hopping right into each other.

Yukon Blonde - Ottawa Bluesfest - July 10th

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