Friday, July 8, 2011

Dance, Dance, Dance

Greg Gillis, dancing and DJ'ing in his underpants - soulmates?

Some of my greatest memories consist of wild and relentless living room dance parties at university keggers, adolescent sleepovers and random moments prior to getting dressed, in my underpants. Last night at Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest was absolutely no different.

Girl Talk, world's greatest dance troop leader, bounced and jived behind his set of laptops last night as he conducted a thousands-of-people deep party. Mash-ups of literally every nature went down, featuring rap remixes of "Since You've Been Gone" and "Living On A Prayer", and wild concepts like Supergrass mixed with Bone, Thugs 'N Harmony. Thirty-plus dancers shook it on stage for the audience, sharing the heat with the solo DJ leading the pack by himself. I know there were so many other notable acts last night (The Sheepdogs, who I've praised before, Stephen Marley and Steve Miller Band) - but when it comes down to it, my boogie-ing booty and the spastic dancers to my left and right made all of the work week troubles fade into the night sky. Here's to Gregg Gillis - the man, the myth, the legend and the topic of Girl Talk:

"Whiter Shade of Pale"...with YoungBloodz? And, "Flashing Lights"....with "No Diggity"? Come on. Imagine that, live, with thousands of others going bananas - and tell me you aren't immediately hyper and ready to booty pop.

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