Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Real Talk

Eleanor Friedberger, previously one half of the indie-rock duo Fiery Furnaces with her brother Matthew, released her debut solo album entitled "Last Summer" under Merge Records last week. A lighthearted solo collection, it's sugary and addictive after the first taste of her plainly spoken stories. Talking openly with cheery buzzing guitars about learning her lesson from heartbreak on the first single "My Mistakes," she speaks of kicking up her kicks and being ignored in 2001, and also asks herself, "Why keep time traveling if it doesn't get better on me?" For such a typically frustrating relationship realization, Friedberger's voice is liberated and nonchalant in her recollection-style storytime. Her conversational tone sounds like that of Joni Mitchell or Patti Smith, and her undecorated vocal style is perfect for helping you come to your own truths during a stroll down the hot summer pavement. Within the textbook ingredients of this happy indie-rock song - catchy saxophone, xylophone and guitar solos give you the chance to come to your own realizations, in case you don't miss any of her fascinating words. Although it doesn't necessarily reach an obvious lyrical place of re-birth and forgiveness, the jumpy beat and heartwarming summer melody convince you Friedberger is very over whatever it is she was once confused about.

                                       My Mistakes - Eleanor Friedberger

*Image courtesy of 32ft/second

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