Thursday, July 28, 2011

Runnin' on Empty

One more day until the long weekend kicks off here, and everyone is getting fairly antsy to hit the highway. There's something about the open road, taking off, heading somewhere new and rolling down your windows to let the hot sun pour in. I heard the other day that Ford car manufacturers are going to eliminate in-vehicle CD players in future models, and I thought - how sad? I realize the way of the future is mp3 and USB-related, but that being said, what about the feeling of wearing out those new mixes after tossing them in the glove compartment, switching discs and fiddling like the front-seat DJ that you are? It's one of my favourite things about being in a car; the collaborative effort from all passengers to act as music supervisors for their own mini-holiday. So, where are you heading this weekend? And, more importantly - what's on the playlist? Here some new and old favourites of mine that will be up on the front seat jukebox as the clouds drift above, the highway mirages melt into the hood of the car, and the breeze whips against your waving hand that flaps out the open window.

Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones

Sleep All Summer - The National and St. Vincent

All I Want - LCD Soundsystem

Kelly Watch The Stars - Air

Babyface - The Elected

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