Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bring on The Brisk

Autumn in the City - Claude Marshall

I am on cloud number nine lately with this weather. I absolutely love feeling the cool air whipping through the quiet streets in the morning, how while walking in a park last weekend we were already kicking leaves away, and when that crisp smell sweeps through the window at night. I know this is a little ridiculous because it's August, but I don't care - I really love autumn. I love fall moves, fall babies, fall weddings, fall clothing and everything else that applies; so if it comes early, I won't complain. (If winter comes early, I will). To me, it's the most wonderful time of the year. So, without further adieu, here are the songs I'm enjoying this week. I wish I could spend more time explaining why, and talking about the artists behind them, but don't worry - all in good time. Once I start bunking with...myself...I'm sure I'll have lots of "me" time to chat more about the jam-packed airwaves:

Waiting For The End – Linkin Park (remix): Not normally a fan of this band at all - I was shocked when I heard a sort of cool song on the radio, and then realized it was theirs. The original is a bit much, but I find this remix a little touching. Strip away all of the corporately-driven crap and keep the bare basics, and it's fine by me.

Why Don’t You Believe Me? – Small Sins: New band from my favourite label, Arts and Crafts! They seem so quirky and fun, just like this video. I will gladly put several pennies down saying this act will not be a one-hit wonder - I have a feeling more catchy favourites will churn out of them.

The Mast – Feist: Old school Feisty - love it. Our sweetheart Canadian crooner throws back to a mellower time with this melancholy tune, showcasing her raw and smooth vocals and reminding us why we love prequels so much. We get to see where the bigger ideas came from, later in the game.

Clean - Louise Burns: This girl has a little bit of Nicole Atkins or The Dum Dum Girls in her, with her powerful pipes and annunciatedwords. Marching alongside her crashing instruments, this newer Canadian artist is certainly someone to keep an eye on.

Whistleblower - The Arkells: Ah yes, my boys. You can always count on The Arkells for a thumping new single that's fit for anyone. With a hard-hitting melody and Max Kerman's awesomely rambunctious vocals, the thrashy instruments on "Whistleblower" have had me hopping around my bedroom circa Molly Ringwald dancing on the library railing in The Breakfast Club. It's made moving fun, I'll say that.

Lighthouse - Interpol: This one's a heartbreaker. The jangly slide of the guitar paired with Paul Banks' classically sombre vocals chanting "What do the waves have to say now?", I'm not denying that it's a pretty hauntingtune - but it would be quite the soundtrack for a stroll through a stormy east coast town.

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