Monday, August 15, 2011

By My Side

This is definitely one of my favourite songs, even if I forget it intermittently and then re-discover it again once every two years. Whether it's the simple and soothing original love lullaby or the sassy Neptunes remix, something about Sade just puts me in an empowered mood. I was definitely feeling the remix all weekend which was spent doing a fair amount of work - and therefore also spent walking all over the city when I needed a break or escape from the confines of my paper-covered dining table.

I don't know what got into me this weekend; I'm always quite active and make a point of going to the gym or doing something outside, but this weekend I felt like the female Forrest Gump. Once I got walking, I would just walk and walk and walk. Which is a good thing, I suppose? So, for the early morning coffee run or late afternoon prison break, I was a big fan of the original. But, when the sun faded and the sky was blue, I was vibing in my own little walkin' world to the flashy remix. Happy Monday, enjoy a cup of Sade!

By Your Side (original) - Sade

                                        By Your Side - Sade (Neptunes Remix)

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