Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Few Notches

In case you absolutely loved Adele's most recent chart-topping album 21, but didn't necessarily feel like sobbing alone in your bedroom every time you clicked "play" on the beautiful grand finale "Someone Like You" - I may have found the solution. Now, all dubstep and house-hesitant listeners, don't fear. These are fairly subdued remixes of the original tune, but are instead just two heightened twists that act as enough to pull you up from the dumps when you decide to indulge in the sweet piano melody and empowering message. Now, if you need a good blubber or quiet moment - by all means, listen to the original. It's amazing.

But, in those times when you want a hop in your step or to hold your chin high - here are two takes that bring it up to the next level. Enjoy!

Adele - Someone Like You (Messed Dubstep remix)

Adele - Someone Like You (Thin Red Man Remix)

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