Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getaway Songs

Do you ever put a lot of time into iPod playlists or mixes for a particular vacation? I think you do, only because everyone realizes that life is wonderful in its silent moments, but equally as captivating when it has a sound to go with it. Well, as you can tell – I sort of, kind of, maybe love it and live it. Some people hear a word or see a picture and they see an aura, others smell things or are reminded of something from their past. These are all legitimate ways to use your senses when your brain is registering an image. I hear a song usually. Actually almost always I hear a song that would click. I see a bustling downtown strip and think of a neon-bright electro track, I see a lonely balcony and I think of a quiet acoustic, I see a beach and think of an upbeat indie-rock song. If a fictional movie deserves an appropriate soundtrack, so does your (very real) life.

While I’m on the topic, I’ll mention my obsession with looking at photos of wild or extravagant travel destinations. I’m fascinated with these glossy photos that you can readily Google or find in travel magazines; these pictures that depict a quiet and untouched place of serenity, glamour and unfamiliarity. Whether it’s a high-rise New York hotel in the stars or a lofty balcony hideaway on the Mediterranean – there is certainly a playlist for every destination on earth. So, I thought, what better way to talk playlists than to combine them with some midday eye-candy?

So, for starters, here is the Andaz West Hollywood Hotel on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Simple, quiet but somehow extravagant. Perhaps not always quiet, with the buzzing Californian streets at its doorstep, but peaceful in its modernity. This hotel used to be the Hyatt or the "Riot Hyatt" as it was known to the drunken rock-star celebrities who used to tear the walls down with drugs and alcohol-fueled 1970s debauchery. So, yes - in comparison to its "riot"-nicknamed predecessor, it's a wee bit more subdued. What a better destination to couple with tunes than one that used to be temporary home to traveling rock goons who performed the shows, and especially ran the Hyatt's show.

So, here are the songs the new and improved Andaz getaway would deserve:

I Go To Sleep - Sia

Into The Sea - The Album Leaf

Destiny - Zero 7

Walnut Tree - Keane

Hljomalind - Sigur Ros

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