Monday, August 29, 2011

The Little Stevies

If you haven't already checked out this charming three-piece folk-pop band from Australia called The Little Stevies, please do. Their harmonies are sweet as pie, similar to the artists themselves, and their melodies are catchy enough to have you skipping down sidewalks. I interviewed the band on the weekend for another publication I write for, and I was delighted (after having what feels like several Australian best friends over the course of the past decade) to have an hour-long conversation with the adorable co-captain Beth Stephen after their Ottawa Folk Festival performance. Aside being totally taken aback by the beautiful atmosphere of the festival (it really didn't feel like we were in the city any more, despite being city center) - I was taken even more by surprise by the effortlessly perfect harmonies resonating from the kind trio, which includes Beth's sister Sibylla ("Byll") and their best friend Robin.

One of the perks of my chosen career path is getting to meet wonderful and fascinating people every day, who expose you to ideologies, life stories and styles that you would have never stumbled across if you hadn't been assigned to it. A job where all I do is meet new personalities, shoot the breeze, dig a little deeper and find out why they have chosen to do what they do, really is all I could ask for. And, it leads me to lovely people and sounds like these!

Here's a glimpse at the band's sweet new single off their second album, only recently released in Canada, called "Accidentally". Be sure to check out the rest of the lighthearted album Attention Shoppers as soon as possible, it's perfect for all ages and occasions.

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