Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Machinery

Florence sans Machine

After her hugely successful debut album Lungs, Florence Welch is back with the mighty-sounding first track, "What The Water Gave Me", off her upcoming and unnamed November release. The heavy vocal performance is a powerful combination of her own acrobatic chords (both voice and harp), pounding instruments that pile like Tetris, and haunting gospel support. Once you hear it, you'll understand that it really does take a colossal choir to appropriately support one of the most prominent vocalists in the business.

This track is most likely an indicator of an album that will be one of the hardest hitting musical finales of 2011. Using the same studio conductor that led her down the amazingly atmospheric and romantic path of the song "Cosmic Love", the upcoming album is guaranteed to feature some weighty tunes that will send the industry reeling the way Lungs did with all of its legendary uniqueness.

The first thing I like is that this song has an element of fight in it. What begins with a dark, flickering beat beneath her spiritual howls and harp, grows into a sea of instruments, choral voices and a whole lot of emphasis. It doesn't take long for the sparkling instruments and lady-like vocals to gain momentum, slam into high gear, and sweep us off our feet. Florence's voice takes the passenger seat to the different sounds as they build, until it's time to take off - and she spends the last minute and a half thrashing her powerful vocal riffs against all four walls of the studio.

One other thing about this song? The video is unbelievable. Like some sort of "Making Of..." documentary, the video flips between footage of an infectious and pumped-up recording session with her brood of performers and her on the lawn of an estate, twisting her flower-child body around a microphone while her fiery red locks are thrown into the camera with each thunderous shout. Trust me, it's exactly what you want to see in a classic music video - a wildly passionate performer, some theatrical flare, and footage that captures the inner-workings of a true hit.

I can't wait for the rest. Check it out:

Florence + The Machine - What The Water Gave Me

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